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Unit 7881 – Tube 1 – SNR: 34.2, Resolution: 72, FOM: 2462, EBI: 0.8, Halo: 0.76, Gain: 63265. No Spots on L3 data sheet / Tube 2 – SNR: 33.8, Resolution: 72, FOM: 2434 , EBI: 0.4, Halo: 0.73, Gain: 69872. No Spots on L3 data sheet.

Unit 7870 – Tube 1 – SNR: 34.4, Resolution: 72, FOM: 2477, EBI: 0.5, Halo: 0.72, Gain: 62980. No Spots on L3 data sheet / Tube 2 – SNR: 33.5, Resolution: 72, FOM: 2412 , EBI: 0.5, Halo: 0.76, Gain: 63554. No Spots on L3 data sheet.

These Factory New L3 1531 come with tube data sheets and a one year factory warranty, and they will be serviced by L3Harris, even after the warranty has expired, though there may be repair fees

The L3Harris BNVD1531 is a variant of the extremely popular USSOCOM issued AN/PVS-31A BNVD. The BNVD1531 was developed by L3 based on requests from certain end users that wanted a lower-cost variant of the AN/PVS-31A BNVD that had both an adjustable diopter as well as an onboard IR illuminator–essentially, a hybrid between the Legacy AN/PVS-15 and the AN/PVS-31A, hence the nomenclature BNVD1531.

Despite the nomenclature, the BNVD1531 uses standard PVS-14 style optical lens assemblies, both objective and eyepieces, not PVS-15 optical assemblies. The BNVD1531 also relocates the onboard BNVS external power connector from perpendicular to the dovetail mount as on the AN/PVS-31A to angled slightly towards the rear so that it does not interfere with the articulation of the right optical pod assembly, addressing one of the few end-user complaints with the AN/PVS-31A BNVD, that the BNVS connector could interfere with the range of motion of the BNVD’s optical pod when installed.

While the addition of the IR illuminator and the use of PVS-14 style optics does increase the weight of the BNVD1531 slightly relative to the PVS-31 BNVD, it is still a relatively lightweight, articulating system at around 19 ounces.

Other than these changes, the L3Harris BNVD1531 is identical to the BNVD, including the use of high performance L3Harris Unfilmed image intensifiers and specially shielded and modified MX-11769 format tubes that allow manual gain control, as well as the common, onboard AA battery.

These systems will be available and ship with a Full Kit including a complete 4x AA Cold Weather Battery Pack and 25” BNVS power cable and a 2376+ Minimum Figure of Merit (FOM), the highest factory minimum spec currently available in the industry without hand selecting image intensifiers.

Each unit will also come with a full factory warranty and customer support. Each unit will also come with factory image intensifier Tube Data Records.

These units are NOT contract overruns—these are brand new manufactured units.

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