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Our mission is to provide high quality Specialty Ammunition (Tracer, Incendiary, Exotics) and Night Vision at a competitive price with excellent customer service.  We sell unique ammunition in all of the most popular calibers from licensed manufacturers.  We carry Mil-Spec Night Vision image intensifier tubes, housings and accessories.

Kosher Surplus is the largest distributor of Tracer Ammunition from Piney Mountain Ammunition Company – .22LR, 9mm and 45 acp.  We are also the largest distributor for Happy Valley Tracers – the only 9mm and 45 ACP Tracers on the market.  

We are located in Houston, TX.  Our phone number is 832-387-5195.

All ammo orders are shipped fedex ground.  We typically ship and provide tracking within one to two business days.

KOSHER SURPLUS IS BUYING BULK AMMO, OPTICS AND ACCESSORIES!  Contact us if you are looking to sell (new or used) at [email protected]  We will get back to you quickly with an offer.