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Eotech G33/G43/G45 Magnifier + Unity Tactical Omni FTC Mount Combo



Brand new Eotech G33/43 3X Magnifier or G45 5x Magnifier + Unity Tactical Omni FTC Mount Combo

**These combos include the magnifier with factory Eotech Flip to Side Mount + the Unity Omni Magnifier Mount**

Additional information

Magnifier Model

G33 3x, G43 Micro 3x, G45 5x

Magnifier Color

Black, Tan

Unity Omni Mount Color

Black, FDE, Kosher Exclusive OD Green

2 reviews for Eotech G33/G43/G45 Magnifier + Unity Tactical Omni FTC Mount Combo

  1. Sam C. (verified owner)

    Great deal, only place I found offering something like this and they ship fast with a good team to back service up

  2. fitzgeraldbj (verified owner)

    Long before Unity Tactical decided to come out with their new line of Omni Mounts for the G43/G45 the G33 Mount was/is by far the best upgrade one could ever ask for! Why Eotech never came up with such an idea is ludicrous on their part because no one wants anything hanging that far off a rifle for a myriad of reasons! Bringing the Magnifier to centerline creates a much more streamlined look, feel and most importantly manner of use! Being able to simple look over the Magnifier thru an Eotech optic, and then flip it UP a tiny bit for use works much better than it always hanging off the side getting snagged on who knows what! Plus they look cool as hell..

    Ben @ Kosher Surplus is the only person/vendor I’ve seen put this combination together in a package. Instead of buying then separately you not only save a little money but have everything you need in one box. He continues to dominate the market with the best gear at the best prices! Not many others stand for their “Price Match” guarantee either. His shipping is lightening fast, comms are absolutely incredible, and treats customers with more respect than alot of others. By putting these two awesome products together in this package deal was fantastic thinking Benny!

    Keep up the phenomenal job of arming us with nothing but the best gear and customer service!

    Semper Fidelis! 🇺🇲

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