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PANOBRIDGE MK2 | 1.5 oz Night Vision Bridge with Adjustable Field of View


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Panobridge™ is the original night vision bridge mount that provides up to 75 degrees field of view with milspec AN/PVS-14s, yet it weighs 25% less than a single milspec J-Arm. Plus, it is fully compatible with FLIR Breach, MH25, and MUM-14 thermal monoculars, and it comes with one free attachment arm for night vision / thermal fusion setups. Introducing an entirely new way to see more of the dark.

The patent pending Noisefighters Panobridge provides a panoramic night vision image by exploiting the brain’s ability to merge split images from two outward-angled monoculars into one cohesive picture. The so-called tube effect that is traditionally experienced with single or dual intensifiers is eliminated. With our innovative AFOV (Adjustable Field of View) mechanism and resulting wide-view image, you can enjoy vastly improved situational awareness and the feeling like you’re not even looking through image intensifying tubes. Whether it’s driving a vehicle and seeing through nearly the entire windshield or clearing a building and not missing an unexpected visitor coming down the stairs in your periphery, the Noisefighters Panobridge will open up new possibilities for efficient and safe work at night, allowing you to focus more on the task at hand and less on panning and scanning for threats or points of interest.

Importantly, users can switch back to traditional straight-ahead tube orientation when desired. No specialized training is required and no other equipment is necessary. Simply attach two standard AN/PVS-14 monoculars to this featherweight bridge, snap the complete assembly into an industry-standard dovetail helmet mount, and start seeing everything you were missing before.

Now included is a one separate arm to mount thermal monoculars that utilize the Mini-Rail attachment method, such as FLIR Breach and Infiray MH-25, or the MUM-14 night vision monocular. Two interpupillary distance settings are possible to better match one’s eye to the rectangular viewing screen found on digital thermal monoculars. The arm can be mounted to either side of the Panobridge.






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