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Knights Armament Company KVC JAMR - J-Arm Modular Replacement 111789 (RQE)


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Knights Armament Company J-Arm Modular Replacement 111789 (RQE)

The JAMR is a lightweight, highly adaptive interface component for use with a variety of image intensified, day view optics, or digital systems. The JAMR is compatible/adaptive to expanding range of legacy electro-optic devices via common shoe type interface or modification adapter.

The JAMR attaches to the Wilcox G24 and other popular mounts, allowing users to attach a single night vision or thermal monocular. The helmet mount attachment dovetail shoe features RQE’s patented Tolerance Tooth. This feature is designed to ensure RQE male dovetail will properly seat in any other manufacturer’s female interface. Due to varying tolerances from one manufacturer to the next, wear, environmental changes, etc; not all dovetails consistently lock up. RQE’s patented Tolerance Tooth allows precise adjustment to compensate for tolerance stack. Even if your Universal Bridge locks up perfectly with the host mount, parts wear will occur from constant mounting reps. Adjusting the Tolerance Tooth will ensure a snug fit throughout the life of the device.

The JAMR can be quickly and easily configured for right or left eye placement. A lever under the arm allows the JAMR to pivot on a center axis. Meanwhile, a flush button on top of the monocular interface provides unlimited horizontal inter-pupillary adjustment. Sliding the monocular interface all the way to the end, allows it to rotate 180 degrees. This keeps the monocular facing the right direction regardless which eye it is in front of.

The RQE JAMR allows users to mount a variety of night vision and thermal monocular systems using RQE mounting accessories. The following accessories are required to attach monoculars to the RQE Universal Bridge:


MUM: RQE M-Clips

GT-14: RQE M-Clips

FLIR/Armasight MNVD: RQE M-Clips

FLIR Breach PTQ136: RQE M-Clips


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