Knights Armament Company KVC Hyper Vyper Shoe Set 111797 (RQE)


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Knights Armament Company KVC Hyper Vyper Shoe Set 111797 (RQE)

The RQE lightweight hard shoe set for the Vyper-14/Hyper-14 allows you to load the optic from either side for a monocular or true binocular configuration mated to any standard dovetail/shoe type receiver arm or dovetail bridge. These hard shoes also provide more inter-pupilary adjustment and better eye-box standoff than competing shoes. By mounting at the center-line of the Vyper-14/Hyper-14 RQE hard shoes offer better balance as well as the option of weapon mounting from either side.

Installing RQE hard shoes on your Hyper-14/Vyper-14 gives you additional options to install on any dovetail receiver regardless of brand and wear level. The patented adjustable “Tolerance Tooth” slider tab in the rear of the shoe is user adjustable to compensate for wear, temperature changes or tolerances to reduce/eliminate wobble at the juncture point.

Each set (of 2) can be used on an individual monocular, or divided as a top/bottom shoe between 2 separate monoculars.

1 – Left/Bottom Shoe
1 – Right/Top Shoe

Weapon Mount Hyper/Vyper From Either Side
Wider Range of Inter-pupilary Adjustment
Better Eye-Box Standoff
Better Optical Balance
Anti-wobble Tolerance Tooth


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