Phoenix Rising 410 2 1/2” Sledge Hammer Slug Ammunition – 5 Round Pack


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The .410 2 1/2″ Sledge Hammer Hollow Point Slug is an exclusive Phoenix Rising  Round. Turn your .410 shotgun into a bona fide medium sized game getter with our Sledge Hammer Hollow Point Slug. Turn your Judge or Smith and Wesson Governor into a very serious defense side arm. The .410 Sledge hammer weighs 200 Gr.. The Sledge Hammer has a velocity of 1,300 FT/PS and 750 FT/LB of energy. Much more than any standard 45 Long Colt HP round.  It has a large hollow point and an extremely deep cavity. The slug also ha 3 Degree stabilizing fins for great accuracy.  The Sledge Hammer slug also has an exclusive Friction Reducer coating that improves accuracy and speed as well as creating a cleaner bore.  The .410 Sledge Hammer slug is truly in a class by itself.

Now Sold in 6 Pack

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