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37mm Signal Source Live Aluminum Cased Ammunition – Signal / Pyro / Fireworks


This next generation 37mm ammo is specifically designed to out preform all other civilian 37mm signals or wildlife control rounds.  SOLD IN THREE PACK

These rounds come in 100% re-loadable cased in premium anodized 6061-T6 re-loadable aluminum casings!  These aluminum hulls retain their value never tarnish and can be used with all our reload products and 90% of all the other reload products by reputable companies!


Dragon Eggs: go up with a crackling tail and end in a loud break and crackle stars!

Thunder Crackle: produce a Loud Boom followed by crackling and popping noises

Whistle Pig: produce a loud scream from the back of the projectile once launched then finishes with a shower of Stars that then explode into Crackle.

Disco: produce a mixed burst of firefly stars and regular stars to create a twinkling effect.

Spiro: produce a Whirling Spiral effect of golden sparks with a star burst finish.

These will go higher and have better quality effects than any other company’s products guaranteed! You will not be disappointed!!

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Dragon Eggs, Thunder Crackle, Whistle Pig, Spiro, Disco

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